Aijar Kere


‘Aijar Kere’ is Ateso, and carries the idea of eternal life. A lesson the Lord has spoken many times this past year is, “Focus on the eternal.” Not just in the big things, but in the smaller, daily struggles too. I have not even come close to learning this in every situation, but in the times the Lord has given me that perspective the perfection of His ways compared to my own really shines through.

Recently there was a series of frustrating things that left me disillusioned and angry. The first time it happened the Lord was incredibly kind, and I could sense His peace and see Him caring for me through it. The second and third times, though, I wasn’t prepared to deal with the same thing so soon, and this time it was worse. Inwardly my anger flared up, and I rebelled; and it has been here that the Lord has come in and reminded me again, “Amber, focus on the eternal in this thing.”

While in the States earlier this year I attended a Perspectives Missions class. One of the lectures told a true story of a missionary who went to Korea and was used by God to lead the lecturer’s mom to Christ and was also used in a powerful way to reach hundreds of other women.  She never became famous or drew attention to herself, and when she died she owned only a few coins and half a blanket. (The other half she gave to someone in need.)

Since hearing that I’ve found myself praying, “Lord, let me die with only half a blanket and a few coins too.” I want to live with such abandonment that everything I have and go through is submitted to the Lord for Him to accomplish something eternal with.

Acceptance of suffering (and my suffering is extremely small) for the Lord’s sake is just as much an offering of love as giving material things, and it also gives a different experience of the Lord’s care and faithfulness. Giving materially allows us to experience the truth that God is faithful to provide, but accepting suffering or daily trials and looking to the Lord for His ability to honor Himself in it shows His character and strength in an even more meaningful way sometimes. May the Lord teach us to love Him in such a practical way that suffering and sacrifice become beautiful things because of the fellowship with Him we find there-and because we know He would not allow them unless He desired to accomplish something worthwhile and eternal.