Made It!

I made it to Uganda!

This country with its beautiful, smiling, welcoming people is quickly growing on me!  I’ve been staying with Esther’s family in Kampala (the capital city) for the past week while waiting for my missionary visa. Her family is amazing. They’ve really treated me like one of the family, and it has been a lot of fun to hang out with them and eat tons of Ugandan food. It’s also given me time to gradually ease into life here before heading to Soroti.

As long as everything works out with the visa I plan to leave for Soroti tomorrow morning. Soroti is northeast of Kampala and is one of the more impoverished areas. I’m hoping to live there or in a nearby village most of the time I’m in Uganda.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to learn more Lugandan and Ateso. (Luganda and English are the most common languages spoken in Uganda, and Ateso is the tribal language in Soroti.) People from church have also been very gracious and friendly, and I’ve enjoyed spending time with them. Some have incredible hearts for the Lord!  Its super encouraging finding fellowship in a new place, so I’m thankful God has brought that even during the short time here in Kampala.

I’d love to hear updates and prayer requests from people back home, so feel free to email, WhatsApp or Skype anytime! (My email is: =)

4 thoughts on “Made It!

  1. Wow Amber
    Its nice to hear how God has been so gracious to you here in Uganda and am glad you recieved a warm and loving welcome from Esthers mom and family.
    May Gods face continue to shine up on you all the way.I want to meet you wen you come for a break in Kampala.
    Pliz share your mobile phone number so we can keep in touch.
    Stay blessed always. Enjoy Uganda and feel free to contact me in case of anything.


  2. My family and I are genuinely humbled and greatly honored to be a part of what God is doing in your life .. through your life #numberonefan


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